Queequeg promises a dozen renewables sites in planning by July

Queequeg Renewables is planning to seek planning permission for more than a dozen renewable energy projects across the UK by the end of June this year, the company has announced. The projects, located across the UK, include solar installations, onshore wind and batteries, some co-located.
Queequeg has already sought planning consent from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council for a 40MW battery near Stockport.
Founded in 2019, Queequeg says its strategic approach is to find niche, high-value opportunities in wind, storage and solar.
“The UK is one of the most advanced markets in the world for distributed energy projects,” said Mark Roberts, Project Development Director at Queequeg Renewables.
He added, “From a policy perspective, the UK has ambitious targets in place for reducing carbon emissions and growing the contribution of renewables to the country’s energy mix… And as installation costs for renewables fall and become more competitive versus traditional energy sources, developers can secure funding and gain planning approval for their proposed projects more easily.”
Roberts also highlighted better access to the electricity grid, saying, “Previously, long connection queues delayed renewable installations from connecting to the grid and delivering their energy. But recent changes in distribution and transmission policies by grid operators have removed these obstacles and made connecting and monetising the energy generated by renewables faster and easier for developers.”

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