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New auto-switch services launch: will they change the game for energy customers?

Fine ambitions on increasing customer switching run into one problem: it’s a tedious business, and one that can leave you uncertain, on switching sites, whether you really have got a better deal. Janet Wood spoke to Flipper and Swuto, both hoping to take the pressure off domestic consumers – and EnergyConnect which is hoping to get small businesses more active.


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RES managing director for UK and Europe Gordon MacDougall
“For people who want to invest in the UK – it is very badly damaged and you have political risk being priced in much more than you would have before”


Big data: do utilities have a future?

“There are multiple sectors and companies eyeing the utility industry for its wealth of customers and data.”

No holding back the tide of switchers – PLUS don’t do it yourself, switching made easy
Catching up with competitive network assets

New wind farms enter development
INTERVIEW: ITM’s Graham Cooley on the gas, electricity, power balancing act

“The gas grid is massive, three times the size of the electricity grid in the UK and five times the size in winter. You can view it as the UK’s renewable energy store.”

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What is the future for distribution networks?

What is the future for distribution networks? The European description of them as distribution system operators (DSOs) illustrates the issue: should they be active players in electricity supply and system management, or should they be independent facilitators for other market…