Big Six price rises and falls

Company Increase, (electricity/gas), % Date Reduction, % Date British Gas 10.4/8.4 23 Nov 3.2 1 Jan EDF Energy 3.9 3 Jan E.On 3.7/4.6 18 Jan Npower 9.3/11.1 1 Dec         2.6 28 Feb SSE 8.20 15 Nov 3.5 24 Mar…

What next for nuclear waste?

Ross Hayman of public relations and stakeholder engagement consultancy Copper says the government should learn from its most recent failed attempt to find a home for nuclear waste. The time for delay is past. The search for an underground site…

The hardest hit

William Baker describes new research from Consumer Futures that looks at the cost of government energy policies on households and identifies the likely winners and losers.

Making electricity saving

This month we found out that the government intends to amend the Energy Bill to provide financial payments for electricity saving. Whilst not perfect, this is a significant first step toward creating a market for ‘negawatts’ in the UK.