EDF teams with Eelpower to maximise battery returns

Storage operator Eelpower has taken on EDF as next trading and optimisation partner. EDF will  trading and optimise three grid-scale battery projects, totalling 80MW. EDF teams will be responsible for managing the trading and optimisation strategy for three UK-based batteries managed by Eelpower over seven years.

Majority ownership of the assets lies with Swiss fund manager SUSI Partners’ Energy Storage Fund while the remaining stake is owned by Eelpower itself. The two companies announced a broader partnership for the development of battery storage assets across the UK in January 2021.

EDF will use its trading platform, Powershift, and will work alongside Eelpower’s technology partner Upside Energy to open revenue streams for these assets, including ancillary services, balancing mechanism and wholesale optimisation.

The agreement will also provide bankable reassurance through the delivery of a floor price, ensuring minimum income levels are guaranteed, which has been a key element for the investors. 

Mark Simon, Eelpower chief executive, said “EDF has a great track record for generating revenue through wholesale trading and optimisation.  The EDF team has been a genuine innovator in the delivery of market-leading optimisation services and we have undertaken a detailed contestable procurement before selecting them.”

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