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INTERVIEW: Professor Steve Thomas

EDF “wouldn’t be unhappy if it didn’t have to build Hinkley. Because of the debt, because of the risk, because it doesn’t like EPRs…

I can’t believe the EC will complete the review in six months because it’s such a big precedent. You have 11 other countries all saying they want the British model for their programmes, so the Commission can’t just wave it through.”

ANALYSIS:  Janet Wood looks at the prospects for new interconnectors

“Developers must balance the high reports from the Carbon Floor with regulatory risk, as the CPF could be removed for political reasons or eroded

the development of interconnector projects is being slowed by a lack of clarity regarding how these would be regulated

REPORT:  ‘Known unknowns’ hike DCC costs by 15% over three years

FEATURE: Demand  side response – what works in North America


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What trilemma?

The government has said for many years that it has three aims for energy policy: security of supply, affordability, and decarbonisation. It has been neatly summed up in recent years as the energy “trilemma”, which makes clear the inherent tensions…

Big Six price rises and falls

Company Increase, (electricity/gas), % Date Reduction, % Date British Gas 10.4/8.4 23 Nov 3.2 1 Jan EDF Energy 3.9 3 Jan E.On 3.7/4.6 18 Jan Npower 9.3/11.1 1 Dec         2.6 28 Feb SSE 8.20 15 Nov 3.5 24 Mar…

NEW POWER: January issue

DATA: POWER PROJECT MONITOR INTERVIEW: RACHEL CARY, GREEN ALLIANCE “What’s causing the NGO community concern is that the [European Commission’s impact assessment for a new target] is only looking at 35, 40 or 45% [greenhouse gas] reduction – they are…